Story telling: Series 9

“It’s a girl”, the midwife said.

Nifemi stretched out her arms to receive her baby while still on the high table where she had just delivered. She had insisted before she went into labor that she wanted to hold her baby immediately after delivery. The midwives were not in the school of thought of presenting a new born to its mother before cleaning and dressing, but Mama had asked them to oblige Nifemi anything she wanted. Nifemi had nightmares of her separation from her baby so she wanted that first bond so that the baby would always remember her. So she thought. She looked at the baby in her arms and smiled at the angelic face. The smile was almost turning into tears now, new tears all over again. Yet the seeming tears of joy were soon replaced by heavy sobs in fear of future eventualities. … More Story telling: Series 9

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What is love without music?

Memories are made through time and space. Time is remembered by the special moments we make of it. You may forget what was said or how it was said but in love, even if you try, even when you don’t want to remember, a song brings back exact memories of treasured moments you always hoped you’d have forever. … More What is love without music?

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