5 Must-Have Fashionable Travel Accessories for Ladies

Car, plane or train? Irrespective of how you are traveling and where you are traveling to, there are some fashionable accessories you must carry along with you every time you hit the road. It is always good to look chic and feel comfy when in transit, because you may never know who you will run into. Remember the world is a global village, so it is always good to look your best at all times. There have been cases of people meeting potential business partners, employers or even future husbands in some luxury hotels in Lagos. So, it is good to look the part all the time. Some of the must-have fashionable traveling accessories to spice up any outfit include: … More 5 Must-Have Fashionable Travel Accessories for Ladies

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Has cheating become the solution to marital issues?

Just as much as the human emotion is a radical one, we can’t always be in control of our emotions except if we’ve perfectly mastered emotional intelligence. Even at that, when we realize the emotion we’re feeling at any particular time and it’s one we do not appreciate, there is tendency to remove ourselves from such a situation just so we are not affected by the unappreciated situation or have some sort of sanity for our peace of mind or balancing of lifestyle as it were. Either way, I do not understand how cheating in a relationship solves any form of marital issue. It’s like drinking alcohol just to ease the mind, if you’re taking it for that purpose. Once the effect of it wears thin, you’re back faced with the reality of your life. The alcohol won’t take your problems away. And even if cheating on your spouse seem like a yoga balancing act, it won’t be forever. Even worse, you’ll be left picking up pieces of the life you neglected as a result of lies and complications. … More Has cheating become the solution to marital issues?

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