Story telling: Series 8

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Olusegun was angered by Mr. Adeniji’s verdict. He thought he was treated like an inconsequential boy in the matter. Nifemi was betrothed to another man anyway; sooner or later, she was bound to get pregnant and truncate her so-called ambition. They probably would have felt less infuriated if he was as wealthy as Mr. Martins. The thought angered him and the sudden rush of emotions showed in the squeezed lines on his forehead as he looked at Nifemi’s mother. Nevertheless, he was tongue-tied for the sake of his mother and Nifemi.

“Do you have anything to say to me, boy?” Mrs. Adeniji asked him.


“I thought so”, she eyes him briefly. “Nifemi will be out to go along with you in a minute. You may see yourself out”, she finished as she looked at Olusegun with scorn and detestation.

Mama reluctantly got to her feet. She looked about her to make sure nothing had dropped from her. Seeing how her first visit to Nifemi’s parents went, she wasn’t sure there would ever be a second visit to reclaim any forgotten item. Before she could pull her son along, Olusegun stumped out the door.

“I wished things had happened differently but please, try to accept my apology”, Mama said.

Nifemi’s mother turned her back to the older woman, now facing her daughter, who had her head buried in her hands in confusion. Mama looked at the unfortunate girl and made her way out of the house. She shut the door behind her which her angry son had left ajar.

“Nifemi! Nifemi! You have outdone yourself. Of all men, you chose this wretched boy over Mr. Martins? Hei”, her mother reprimanded. “I wish you safe delivery, shogbọ? And a quick recovery so you can return to civilization in time.” She shook her head in sympathy for her daughter’s misfortune. “May Allah go with you. Write down the address and directions to the house at Ikorodu. If you are not back here in time after delivery, I will come over there to drag you home myself,” her mother told her. “Get your bag and get out of here”.

When Nifemi thought of the life she is leaving beyond to another reality, tears rolled down her cheeks. As she sobbed uncontrollably, she wished she could undo her mistakes. She had become weak and sickly due to lack of sleep on the one hand, and from disappointing her family on the other hand. She fell before her mother, grabbing her feet, she cried, “I am sorry, máámì. Please forgive me. I will do anything you ask me to but please, do not send me away from you”. Nifemi continued to bawl.  Please help me beg báámi. Please let me stay”.

However moved Nifemi’s mother was to her daughter’s tears, she was totally helpless. There was nothing at that point. Even she felt the tears beginning to gather in her eyes but she quickly wiped them away.

“Everything will be alright but you have to leave now”, was all she said in a faint voice.


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5 thoughts on “Story telling: Series 8

  1. Hey! Fabulous work. 😁 I loved your blog! Also I just came to know that you had recommended one of my stories to a fellow blogger. Thank you so much for reading my blog and appreciating it! It really means a lot. ❤ Do visit my blog again!

  2. And what happens next? Does he survive his journey? Who is the lovely woman in the photo at the beginning? Another lovely piece.

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