Story telling: Series 6

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As the tension eased, so did the weather outside. The dark clouds had suddenly given way for the midday sun rays beaming through the windows shut behind Pa Jide and Mama Savage and right into Nifemi’s flushed face. Although she was the reason they were all gathered, she felt they had forgotten her on her knees.

“Can we have some refreshments for our guests? You can take your daughter in to help”, Mr. Adeniji said to Nifemi’s mother who reluctantly obeyed. She called her daughter just as she left the living room.


On the day when Nifemi invited Olusegun and his aged mother to their house, the weather was nothing like the day when the news of her pregnancy was broken to the larger family. The day was much brighter and calm. The morning was quiet. The sun shone bright in the sky and radiated its hotness onto the earth. Olusegun’s mother was pleased to finally meet Nifemi’s parents. She had been looking forward to making arrangements for the union of her son and Nifemi. She was nothing like the other girls from their neighborhood at Ikorodu and she was proud that her son had bagged such a beauty. He would be rounding off his Bachelors’ degree the University of Nigeria soon anyway. It was a huge achievement from where they were coming from. Hardly anyone went to University where Olusegun was from, let alone graduate. With the help of one of his maternal uncles, Olusegun was looking forward to a teaching career at one of the local polytechnics in his home town. The future certainly looked bright for him. His mother held him in high regard, and Nifemi would make the perfect completion to his dream come true.

Nifemi’s parents received their guests in the living room while she sat timidly on a small bench at a corner of the living room. Nifemi’s siblings and the rest of the neighborhood were then aware she was pregnant. Mr. and Mrs. Adeniji had sat their children down, scolded them all as if they were aware of their sister’s relationship with Olusegun and didn’t report her.

“Welcome”, Mr. Adeniji started after they had been served light refreshments. “I hope your journey was not too stressful”. His wife wondered why he was being hospitable to them after what they are causing their family.

“No sir. It was quite straight forward. Thank you for inviting us into your home”, Olusegun’s mother answered pleasantly. “You have a lovely home Mama Nifemi”, she added.

“Thank you”, Nifemi’s mother murmured as she rested her gaze on the older woman, indifferently. Mama felt slightly uneasy by the woman’s piercing gaze and cold response. She looked at her son in wonderment.

“Have you met my daughter?” Mr. Adeniji asked, gesturing towards Nifemi who was seated in the corner.

“I have sir and I must confess she is well cultured and beautiful too”. She teased Nifemi who didn’t respond to the warmth, but kept her head lowered. Although Mama was older than Nifemi’s parents, she revered them as they would soon be in-laws. Besides, as far as she was in the receiving end, she felt she needed to leave the possible of hand of the family to Nifemi’s father from then on.

“I see”, Mr. Adeniji simply said, robbing his fists together while looking at his daughter. “I see you have been well acquainted with my daughter, very involved I dare to add” with his gaze resting on Olusegun.

“Involved, sir?” Olusegun became uneasy with Nifemi’s parents’ attitude. They seemed irritated rather than amused by his obviously pretentious response. Olusegun only had to take one look and he knew giving direct responses would serve him better. “Yes sir”.

“Good. Are you aware that she is pregnant?”


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