Just by her image

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It’s amazing how easily we can make judgement about a person just by looking at them. My husband saw an image of me before he ever set eyes on me. He thought I would be a loud “it” girl and he fantasized on that idea so much that he said to himself he would marry me one day just by his perception of me from a picture.

Now you see why I say we can draw judgements and probably made decisions just by an image of another person before we even get to know them?

Now imagine a lady, preferably beautiful and talented, young looking, sleek, commands authority and speaks with wisdom or any kind of woman that appeals to you for that matter. With a ring on, you think, she’s married, right? In that singular image of her, how will you be influenced to talk to her or address her or what inferences would you make as a man, as society if:

  1. She is married.
  2. She is married with children.
  3. Separated
  4. Or a single mother?

We tend to have our reservations, admiration and criticisms for the image of the woman we see without knowing her story. Once a woman is married, it’s the ultimate degree she will ever have. Once she has children, she’s a complete woman. When she’s separated, fellow women are the first to criticize. Let alone being a single mother.

A woman is as perfect as her image and by what she is able to bring to the table regardless of any other circumstances surrounding her. To discriminate a woman by her status in the society tells more of your small mindedness and not the woman’s inability to meet your expectation of her.

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