Treating my body right

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Sometimes I wonder what I will feel like or look like when I’m 60. Will I look like a 40 year old or look like a 70 year old? As scary as it should be, I’m not as scared about the thought as I am about my reality today. I figure it should be as simple as treating my body right by being conscious of what I put in my body and what I use on my skin.

My children and the nanny were playing a game last night on how well we know each other. My son asked – what’s mommy’s favorite food? The nanny replies – fruits. I laughed. Although it was true to a large extent but it would have been good if I eat regularly too and maybe if I eat regularly, I won’t have to take as much supplements as I do.

Ingesting on healthy, regular food is key to keep the doctor away and help your skin looking young, fresh and smooth. Ingesting on junk and supplements has its own effects as well, a not-so-good effect on your body and your skin too.

I have a problem with people who are obsessed with going to the gym yet they can’t take their eyes off any food that passes them by, most especially junks and carbs. Just like science, every consumption has equal and opposite effects on our bodies. The same goes for drugs. You will find that pharmacists hardly taking drugs themselves because they understand that for every cure that a drug is made for, there is also a side effect. Even if you can’t feel it immediately, I hate to imagine when and where it will take effect in the body.

So perhaps the key to looking young and healthy at old age beyond eating right or taking care of your skin – I’m talking organic skin care – is to worry less/stress less, surround yourself with love, love yourself above all (after all, it’s just one life to live) and do the things that make you happy. If you need a good and reliable source for your organic skin care products, look up Luscious Beauty Products.

Even if your mind is active at 70, your body might not align with your mind. Work on your mind and body today so that it can be serving you in good conditions till old age.

Still in the spirit of Workers’ Day. Food for thought.

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