Purpose – Sincerity – Courage – Love – Success

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As we celebrate May Day today and perhaps have the cause to complain about all the things that aren’t working well despite our diligent work ethics, it’s a new day – a new month. A day can make a huge difference in the life of a person – let it count for a positive difference in your life. Sit back and make a list of the changes you want to see in your life. It begins with you, after all. Nobody else can want for you what you do not want for yourself.

We lived through January, the month of newness, driving us to a new purpose.

We lived through February, the month of love, calling forth our sincerity towards the things and people that matter.

We lived through March. The rear ones are born in March, full of emotions yet courageous – best of both worlds really.

We lived through April, the testing of our strength is made manifest by the overcoming of the many distractions and challenges we may have encountered in the year thus far.

Now we live May. If you missed the new opportunities in January, the love in February, lost your courage in March, and your strength in April, May is the perfect time to regain all of it and more. Nothing tastes better than Success but while it is a continuous journey, there is always that feeling of progress, acknowledgement of efforts and accomplishment of tasks in your day to day assessment of your works.

Spring never looked better. Make the seedtime count.

Happy Workers’ Day.

Happy new month people!

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