Story telling: Series 4

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Mr. Adeniji recalled the moment when his late father-in-law decided that due to his tryst with his young daughter, she would go to live with him and he would thenceforth take responsibility for her. The horror and disappointment slowly led him to his grave. The thought of being haunted by one wrong decision for the rest of his life sent shivers down Nifemi’s father’s spine. But then he wished Nifemi had not put the family in such an unpleasant situation. Mr. Adeniji cleared his throat loudly, trying to seem courageous as he spoke.

“There was a plan for Nifemi before this incident. So beyond the anger and the disappointment at hand, she will deliver the baby at the boy’s house. Thereafter, she will return back home to finish her education and have the normal life she would have”.

Nifemi’s mother let out a heavy sigh and lowered her face with her chin resting on her chest. It was hurtful to know that it took such a painful and shameful situation before her husband would seriously consider sponsoring his daughter’s tertiary education.

“With due respect to you, Mr. Martins, the intention is not to belittle you because we are indeed well aware of the kindness and generosity you have shown Nifemi and this family. We invited you to let you know of Nifemi’s shameful predicament. We will understand your decision, should you decide not to marry Nifemi after this”, Mr. Adeniji said trying to sound confident. “I will have to keep an extra eye and tighten my disciplinary measures on her and her siblings from now on. I assure you this will be the last time this act of shame will occur in my family”. Mr. Adeniji concluded.

Inasmuch as Mr. Martins was hurt that the girl he loves is in love with someone else, it didn’t take away his love for Nifemi. She was young and naïve anyway. The boy could have tricked her with sweet words of nothing and no future, he was sure of that. Yet he was not comfortable with letting Nifemi go off to live with and have Olusegun’s baby. If whatever happened till that moment was a mistake, he didn’t want to give room for a deeper relationship to fester between them, destroying whatever is left of his relationship with Nifemi to re-build. Regardless of the age difference between them, Mr. Martins loved Nifemi and wanted her for himself. On another thought, there was the impending danger of having a second wife who might be in love with another. Even after considering these odds, he was determined to marry her. He could not loose such a young beauty to a small boy who wouldn’t know how to adorn her. Even if it would mean paying all expenses to send her overseas to have the baby as his, Mr. Martins would not take the risk.

“Mr. Martins”, Mr. Adeniji called out to him, after waiting for his response.  “I understand how overwhelming this must be, but do you have anything to say, perhaps?”


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