Women are foolish!

I wonder what the thoughts on this will be now.
Please share.



– Women are foolish.

Women are not foolish –

– How can you say women are not foolish? In all things, they are foolish

In what way? –

– Women are foolish. When a woman marries, she becomes foolish. She leaves the comfort of her father and mother’s home to risk the gamble of living with a stranger, takes up his name and her life is forever in submission, owned by her husband. The same husband who, if he desires, can take one, two or more wives just because he can – just because he is the head of the family, unquestionable in his decision. Whereas, if a woman dares it, she automatically becomes society reject, even to her fellow women. Women, too, who are quick to judge each other don’t help matters. If, perchance, she vexes and returns to her parents’ house, her parents too want nothing of it…

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3 thoughts on “Women are foolish!

  1. Women are foolish? Yes i think I agree with the writer because women are FOOLISHLY SMARTER considering the story of Eve foolishly convinced Adam to take such a sensitive decision. Yes women are FOOLISHLY SMARTER bringing to bear yet another story of Delilah who gave a man (Samson) away to his death. Yes women are FOOLISHLY SMARTER taking Sarah as a case study who subjected Abraham into bringing in Haggai her female tender just to fulfil her anxiety for a child. Yes women are FOOLISHLY SMARTER no wonder Bathsheba decided to take her bath in an open space directly to the king’s balcony. I’ve decided to go biblical, apologies to my Muslim brothers although we have many similar situations recorded in the Quarantine. I decided not to relate our modern day situations of thousands of ways women are FOOLISHLY SMARTER for a fact that it will take pages and series unending. However, it may be of concern the reason why I termed women as FOOLISHLY SMARTER! basically it’s because MEN are empty without the WO to make us either successful or unsuccessful, take it or leave it, a MAN works tirelessly to be rich not to intimidate anybody but to entice the WO in our world. The very doom says it’s a man’s world but I say to you with an unrepentant assertion that “It’s a woman’s world”. You think you’re in charge as a man? Sorry, you missed it.

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