Her desire for him

Just yesterday, almost like a new awakening, this came to mind again then I remembered I wrote something along these lines again.
I wonder why.



A woman, from the days of young, is the pride of her father.

Like a son, she has dreams and aspires to be greater than her father.

Her father, with all his love, blesses her and prays that all her dreams come true.

Then she grows older, her father being her mentor, encouraging her and cheering her on all the way.

On her wedding day, she knew that even though her vows are to her husband, she will love no above her father.

The blessings and prayers of a father set her on thriving platform.

The definition of a virtuous woman is she.

She is the pride of her husband and the legacy of her father.

Yet, in all her entirety, her desire for her husband comes across as her limitation.

Then she realized Genesis 3:16 –

“… Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over…

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2 thoughts on “Her desire for him

  1. Thank you for the two posts. Kind add little of about your blog, name of author and link to your site so that i can include it in the bottom. Once you have done that i will send mine too. I will also like you to give me your whatsapp number for fast communication as i have so many plans which include joint interview session between relationship bloggers, quest to increase traffic can be greater with our corporation.

    1. I’m not sure I know what you’re thanking me for but I’m glad you like or find the article relevant.
      Check in my bio for how to contact me. I want to understand what your assumptions are.

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