Story telling: Series 3

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“Please sir. Please, have a seat. Please”. Mr Martins pleaded to calm Nifemi’s father. He was careful not to touch him so as not to be misconstrued as being influential in the matter.

Mr. Adeniji shifted his gaze to Mr. Martins reluctantly, still in fury but for his age and the respect he had for him. Mr. Adeniji sat in Mr. Martins’ seat. Mr. Martins raised Nifemi from her knees and put her closer to Pa Jide.

“Can you see how easily you have disgraced yourself?” her mother started. “You have definitely not disgraced me? God knows I tried my best as a parent. I provide for you benefits I myself didn’t enjoy. Yet you choose to live like a child who was never taught any moral at all”. Her voice was unsteady as she spoke. Before anyone could stop and plead with her as they did her husband, she got to Nifemi and slapped her across the face. Nifemi fell straight to the ground. It all happened so fast, even she didn’t expect the sharp pain that shot through her head as though a sledge hammer was slammed on her hand.

“I’m sorry, máámì. Please, I am sorry”, Nifemi yelped frantically before sobbing uncontrollably. Her face flushed immediately. Never had her mother been so upset with her, let alone lay hands on her. Nifemi held her head to the ground, preventing her face from another slap. No one did or said anything in resistance to her mother’s sudden outburst. Mama Savage would have intervened but she understood her daughter’s pain. She had to allow her let it out.

“You should be”, Nifemi’s mother yelled at her. “You shameless girl. You could have at least thought of Mr. Martins. He is doing so much for you but no, you just had to -”. Before her palm could land another resounding slap on Nifemi’s back, Mr Martins spoke loudly in Nifemi’s defense. The loud sound of thunder that reverberated throughout the house at that instance told Nifemi what the slap would have felt like if it had landed on her.

“Calm down Gbemisola”, Pa Jide said. Nifemi’s mother looked at him, anger and tears laced in her eyes. She took her seat, looking straight ahead at the massive shelf that housed all the living room electronics. For a few seconds, there was silence in the room, save for Nifemi’s heart-wrenching sobs. for fear of being beaten even more, she struggled to keep her noise under control.

“Now that the situation has become the way it is, Tiwalade, what is the next thing to do?”, Pa Jide broke the silence with his delicate wobbly voice. Nifemi’s mother looked at her husband, anticipating what he would say.


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