Have you earned love?

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Love like every other thing you have, you need to deserve it

Fight for it

Win it to own it.

While love is a beautiful thing and we all think we deserve to live happily ever after, think again.

There is no “perfect”.

There will always be issues

But you need a partner who will fight every issue with you carefully.

Happily ever after is work in progress

The moment you stop trying, you start losing it.

When you’re not strong enough to fight for love

Or when you’re being egoistic about love,

Be willing to accept the death of your happily ever after.

Someone said that if two people in love are not confident and willing to fight for each other,

The slightest interference will come in between them and poof,

That’s the end of their love story.

It’s a fairytale … but it’s also a challenge to be won.

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