Story telling: Series 2

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Fifteen year old Nifemi was pregnant for an English student while she was betrothed to another.

Nifemi’s father couldn’t to accept defeat. He wasn’t financially buoyant to take responsibility to excuse his daughter out of an early marital resort. As he sat there, carefully putting his thoughts together to form the right words, he couldn’t help but blame himself for allowing the situation deteriorate to such an extent. Little wonder Nifemi’s mother deemed it fit to give their daughter to a rich married man who would take care of her. Then she in turn gave herself to a better alternative.

Pa Jide and Mama Savage sat quietly on the three-sitter cushion. They had come as a favor to Nifemi to help break the news to her parents. As elders in the family, they stayed to make sure that while scolding and chastising her, the best decision on the matter is taken. Needless to say, her parents will be far entangled in disappointment and overwhelmed with emotions to take the right decision. Mr. Martins, with a blank face, sat separate from everyone. Mr. Adeniji rose up suddenly and entered the bedroom. He emerged a few seconds later, holding ‘a finely-skinned long bamboo stick’ in the grip of his hand.

Báámì, ẹ dákun”, Nifemi yelped with a swift movement in self-defense immediately she sighted the cane. Mama Savage was also quick to shield her granddaughter from the impending merciless whip. She shrieked slightly in fright that the stick would land on her body before Mr. Adeniji could stop himself.

Pa Jide was too feeble to act in such anxiety. Mr. Martins hastened to his feet to plead on Nifemi’s behalf. With everyone begging for her, Mr. Adeniji was handicapped to satiate his anger to his heart’s content. It angered him even more. His entire body shook in his state of fury. Nifemi burst in tears. She did not imagine it would start with such scare and chaos. She assumed Mama Savage would convince her mother and make her see reasons why Olusegun is the better alternative for her. However, following the unfolding of events, Nifemi regretted giving in to Olusegun. Now, she would gladly do anything her parents decided. Whatever it is to get over the situation and return to being the obedient pride of her family. Mr. Adeniji stood in front of his daughter in anger, contemplating whether to walk away before he did something that would leave scars on his daughter’s fair skin. He imagined giving her a resounding slap across her face, if only it will stop his anger. Mr. Martins saw the fury in his eyes, and attempted to calm his temper.


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