Cruel Things People Say During a Breakup


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I know I once said I don’t mind being friends with an ex and maybe I wasn’t thinking with the possibility that the other person might be a psycho. Or maybe not a psycho, maybe just a heartbroken person who’s out to take vengeance on you or deliberately hurt you in return. Really, no matter how seemingly nice someone is, there’s no telling how they can be when a lovely relationship turns soar, or worse, when there’s a breakup. Thinking of it now, I wouldn’t blame some people who would rather keep certain information to themselves till marriage, when they are sure there’s some sort of security eventually.

Breakups, no matter how amicable, lives you with the worst feeling. Something has been lost, sometimes a precious person other times, precious time – could be months or even years and you’re left to pick up the pieces all on your own. Whether or not the experience was valuable, it doesn’t make it any easier to bear.

So when an ex says something below the belt during or after the breakup, the pain you feel pinches your cords. And for that reason, in most cases, even if you don’t immediately admit it to yourself, you want to hold on to something to counteract those angry feelings the breakup left you with. As if that will erase memories of that good relationship neither will it guarantee that you’ll never miss that person or think of them as often as your mind will play tricks on you.

Things like –

“The day my ex broke up with me, we went out for breakfast. I left later that day and he broke up with me via text. Trying not to let it hurt me, I laughed it off and was like ‘Hey, at least I got breakfast out of it.’ His reply: ‘Oh they all do.’ He then basically told me he was cheating on me throughout our whole relationship.”


“‘Your brother is better in bed.’ She’d been cheating on me. Yes, with him.”


“After catching him cheating on me in my own house, with my cousin, on my birthday, his reason was, ‘Our relationship is about the emotions, not the sex.’


“When my ex found somebody else, she went with the line, ‘He has a better job, he’s taller and he does all the things you’ll never do.’ Ouch!!


“Your breath stinks, your feet scratch me at night, your fingers are as fat as pork sausages, your feet are too wrinkly, and you’re way too short. I can’t imagine what the fascination was.”

“You’re just not my long-term goal. You were good for a while, but I never intended for this to go this far. I have higher standards.”

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