Earning special moments with your wife

Men are streamlined. They are ready to go anytime, anywhere. Women are naturally complex. Men can be compared men to microwaves and women to slow cookers. If you want to warm up that slow cooker, there are certain things you must do.

Let your wife be a woman, and show your appreciation.

You married that woman because you were attracted to her differences, including the fact that she cared enough to ask you questions about yourself and your day. So let her be different. Allow her to be the communications expert she naturally is. Yes, she may be fussy about details and sometimes have bad timing but that fussiness and commitment to improving your relationship make her who she is. It is part of that mystique you fell in love with in the first place. … More Earning special moments with your wife

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Light up your relationship

Relationships sometimes don’t go the way we’ve programmed it in our minds because we’re unable to 100% put the other person before ourselves. By nature, humans are selfish which would have been a good thing except that there are situations where selfishness has beclouded our judgment of togetherness and true love.

An example is a home situation where the husband is the bread winner while his wife stays at home all day to run the house. The man gets in late at night tired and cranky. This is the norm and because his wife doesn’t want to upset him any further, she thinks she’s being considerate by letting him be. Over time, the wife develops a thick skin and is able to go months without intimacy and the husband’s mood doesn’t change. During a counselling session, when the husband was asked why he is so cranky all the time, he laments that his wife hasn’t been “receptive”. Now the wife is seated wondering at what point did she reject him or not care for him or did not show interest in being with him. … More Light up your relationship

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Story telling: Series 1

The afternoon was cold and windy. The rains poured heavily outside, the streets were deserted from the fierceness of it. It was as though the world was aware that the heavens were falling. The weather told the story of what was happening in Mr. Adeniji’s house. Though midday, it was drearily dark and desolate, as though the masquerades of the spirits of the dead have indeed come to haunt the so-called notable families. The clouds were dark; the ground was pulsating from the thundering rain with fearful thunder claps, and lightning crowning the air with tension. … More Story telling: Series 1

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