It wasn’t the nail that pierced him: Isaiah 53:4-5


I created this article on the 8th of April 2016 but for some reason, I don’t remember why I didn’t remember to modify and finish it till today. Perhaps my memory was drawn to it today because it’s Good Friday – the day Jesus Christ died for the sins of the world.

My daughter asked, “Mummy, why did the people kill Jesus?”

I said to her the people killed Jesus Christ because that was the reason He came to the world – to die for the salvation of humanity. So I suppose the people didn’t know they were doing Him good when they put Him to death.

My son asked, “Why do they call it Good Friday?”

As opposed to the dramatic and painful death of Jesus Christ that good and kind hearted people might have considered a Bad Friday, Christians call it Good Friday because it was the day humanity was once again reconciled to Him in the way He meant for us as in the days of Adam and Eve. So if we really want to show appreciate and love to Jesus Christ for what He did for us, we should love and each other and reverence Him in return.

But all this happened this morning. What made me think, about a year ago, that it wasn’t the nailed that pierced His body that killed Him? I imagined the weight of the sins of all the wicked and hateful people in the world. I imagined the worst of wrongful doings all placed upon the shoulders of one man. The pain, the guilt, the shame, the sickness, the heartbreak would have been too much for one man to bear. It is impossible for the same man who stood on the mountains with terrestrials beings (Moses and Elijah) long after they were dead to escape death if He wanted to. But He came to die for the sins of the world and it was the weight of all the sins that broke Him to death.

Isaiah 53:4 – 5.

As you celebrate Easter, bearing in mind that Christ died today, the least you can do is be sober this season and spread the love of Christ to all around you.

Happy holidays.

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