The woman of your dreams is worth chasing more


Hi people,

Trust your day went well or is going well, depending on what side of the world you’re in. So this morning, I was passing time on Instagram while having breakfast and I came across this picture message that said, “Woman, you will lose many relationships and friendships just to become the woman of your dreams. Be ready to let them go because the woman of your dreams is worth chasing more”.


At first, it made me think – well, yes because people often prove they aren’t worth it at the end of the day so perhaps chasing strength and power and dreams are all that matters. But my shoulders were quick to drop because I doubted that is a good message to feed the mind on. We may choose to be tough and manly but quite frankly, women are not men and although it’s profitable to be a tough woman, losing the feminine touch would defy the essence of the woman you were born to be.

While some of us chase career and goals and aspirations, others just want to belong to a family and be loved and take care of their families to the point where they get their lives’ satisfaction from doing just that. It’s just all about love and belonging. Now, is that really a terrible alternative?

I also wondered, what do men really appreciate in their women? Of course, no one wants a woman to be totally dependent where she has no initiative or contributions in the relationship but would it be entirely true that men also just want women who are career-centric and as intelligent, not having flair for the quality time or other things that matter in life beyond money and fame. Suffice to say that there are certain spontaneous things that can only occur from a romantic healthy relationship and it has nothing to do with chasing anything at all. It’s just the simple natural things that build more lasting and fond memories. If we were all to believe that losing relationships and friendships is normal and healthy, then how do we build memories that fill our old age?

Forget what men want. As a woman, is that truly all you’ve ever wanted?

2 thoughts on “The woman of your dreams is worth chasing more

  1. I like your take on this. The conflicting views and the layered approach towards the question of what’s the right thing to do in this situation are both required.
    In my opinion, careers are a bit over rated. Yes I love my job, but I want nothing more to share my happiness and life in general with the person I love. I’m no weak woman for prioritising my relationship and family and love above my career. And in the same breath I believe, every person, irrespective of their gender, has to decide on priorities and be unapologetic about it.

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