For the Girl Child, Dear Jesus …

a prayer for the children

As Jesus Christ makes his triumphant entry into Jerusalem today, I bring my prayer request for the little girls.

Dear Jesus,

I pray for the little girl child that she would hear and understand how God values and loves her. I pray that she would be accepted and treasured within her culture as someone who has been created in God’s image. I ask for her protection and loving care; that cultures will be transformed in view of the girl child through the knowledge of God’s word. Give her a sense of belonging, O Lord, that she would feel safe and accepted within the family and community. I ask for adequate health care. I ask that you uphold the organizations that look after the rights of the girl child and raise more in her favor. I stand against all forms of sexual exploitation and girl trafficking in the land. I ask, too, that you sanitize the land so that evil will be far from our daughters and they would experience restoration of emotional losses, dignity and self-worth. I pray, O Lord, that you free her from any guilt and self-condemnation. Finally, I pray that you help mothers be the best they can be to these sweet little angels and be conscious to every awakening to informed and wise guidance. In Jesus’ name.


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