A rose that can grow anywhere

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She doesn’t run with the crowd
She goes her own way
She doesn’t play after dark
She lights up the day
Got her own kind of style
That sets her apart
And this world doesn’t know what she has within
There’s something rare about her
A rose that can grow anywhere
And there’s no one else that can compare
It’s what makes her different, it makes her beautiful
It’s inside her, blossoming through
It makes her different, it makes her beautiful.

9 thoughts on “A rose that can grow anywhere

    1. Please, take this from someone who truly cares, you deserve to be happy for yourself and no one else. Be selfish about your happiness. You owe that to yourself

  1. Have you seen the new Beauty and the Beast? Just curious if you’re referencing it. Resilience is like the rose in your poem. We can bloom where we’re planted.

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