Child Prostitution & Internet Child Pornography


If you listen, there are lots of children crying for help. It’s even more devastating when parents who are supposed to be the first point of help are not attentive to the cries and pains of the children.

I once engaged in a conversation with a lady who had become paranoid about leaving her daughter with the opposite sex, be it her husband, her son, an uncle or any man at all. As long as you’re a man, she could never leave her daughter alone with the person. And I could tell that it was killing her. Agreed that most parents can be paranoid about the safety of our children, especially the girl children but hers was way too scary. It made me look again and ask questions. So I ask her what her fearful reason is.

“My mother trusted too much. She trusted a pastor with alone with me when I was just 7 and the pastor molested me. I wanted to tell my mother but I hoped she would notice on her own that sometime was different about me but she couldn’t tell. When I told eventually told her, she only got angry that I could even think of such a lie and she shut me up without ever verifying my story”, she said to me.

She was close to tears and I could clearly see the hurt and rage in her even after so many years for not having received justice for the violation against her privacy.

Just like her, a lot of women are the way they are now due to one or more horrid experiences as a child. Now that we have the same opportunity to be extra attentive to our children, shouldn’t we cease every opportunity to stand against this vile act against the girl child? As bad as this sounds and as much as we don’t want to address this issue, this is happening every day in our society. It won’t go away until we begin to the evil in the land.

Personally I don’t understand, and I refuse to be corrected, the thrill in adult men violating young girls. I addressed the issues of lack of understanding in body awareness in these girls and the deathly effect of forced and early sex in children. It will interest you to know that most of the victimized children who face prostitution are vulnerable children who are exploited. Many predators target runaways, sexual assault victims, and children who have been harshly neglected by their biological parents. Not only have they faced traumatic violence that affects their physical being, but become intertwined into the violent life of prostitution. The other primary form of prostitution of children is “survival sex”.

“Survival sex” occurs when a child engages in sex acts in order to obtain money, food, shelter, clothing, or other items needed in order to survive. In these situations, the transaction typically only involves the child and the customer; children engaged in survival sex are usually not controlled or directed by pimps, madams, or other traffickers. Any individual who pays for sex with a child, whether the child is controlled by a pimp or is engaged in survival sex, should be put to death”.

There is no overemphasizing the need to be protective of the girl child. Without girls, without women, there won’t be a multiplication and reproduction of life. And I want to believe that this implies life in all its entirety as we know it. If you don’t want to think of a world without women, then I believe there is the strong need to protect and preserve what we have so we don’t eventually have a world extinct of the female gender. You will be saving a friend, a sister, a daughter, a wife, a mother. When you kill a girl, you kill many others.

Save our daughters!

One thought on “Child Prostitution & Internet Child Pornography

  1. Paedophile they termed it in English dictionary, a person who is sexually attracted to young girls. My simple terminology of paedophile is an adult male goat who exhibit unrefined madness by nursing and deliberately carrying out selfish sexual appetite on a child girl. What an unfathomable degree of molestation exhibited deliberately while the shameless society ascribe a name to it so much that it would look as if the perpetrator deserve either medical assistant by reference to a psychiatric home or just accept the fact that it’s a demonic influenced attitude.
    In any case, the issue of girl child sexual harassment / molestation should be backed up with a globally accepted decree of death by hanging to those found guilty of such barbaric and inhumane behavior.
    Should we become afraid of having a girl child because of the looming danger glaring at us? Of course NO, instead we should raise up to the challenge of securing a formidable future by ensuring the safety of our girl child, upholding every standard of litigation, decree, laws favourable to sanitization process of existing madness running in the damp minds of irresponsible male adult in the society.
    This should serve as a wake up call, a clarion call, a candid beckoning to all the who are reasonable enough to appreciate the benefits of a girl child, a sister, a mother and a wife by owning up to consciously listen, process and action the necessities to safe society for all to thrive harmoniously.

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