The heart of creation

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Is the sky aware of what goes on in the earth?

The peace, the bliss, the perfection in the skies

If only for that, the world would be the most beautiful place.

Is the earth aware of what’s happening in the sea?

The hustle, the bustle, the chaos, beautiful imperfection all across the land.

Yet we know no better world.

If only we deserved a better place to be.

Is the sea aware of what’s happening on the earth?

So blue, so pure, so beautiful

Calming, sophisticated, inspiring, promising emotional balance, and loyalty.

The perfect balance of chaos and peace,

Of love and yearning,

Of wanting and perfection,

Of beauty and rejection.

Ever wondered why the beach illustrates the perfect combination of these three?

The beauty of creation, in its full appreciation, is in the ending of what seems to be the beginning.

Sky, earth and the sea.

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