Teaching body awareness in girls

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Have you ever wondered why the female gender gets so complicated sometimes? Did it ever occur to you that perhaps it’s not a deliberate act to be complex? There’s been a lot of memes around about how you just can’t ever understand the female gender or what they want or how to make them happy. Well, while this might be true sometimes, it can’t be true all the time. This erratic behavior or moods in the female gender isn’t a deliberate act for attention, at least not all the time. It’s all embedded in the hormones, the changing pattern of a girl or woman is due to the many changes they go through at different stages of their lives till death. How does this affect a girl child you may wonder or how is this an issue at all? Think again.

Like an iroko tree, every tall tree sprouts from a tiny seed. Like any complicated woman, they all grow from the cutest little girl. So at what point do drastic changes occur in girls that forms these complexities we now see?

Growing from a child to adolescent seem to be a lot of confusing changes for a girl. If, fortunately, she’s grown into a knit family where she can confide in her mother or father without being shut down, then it will be a great time to have a sit down with your daughter about possible changes to expect in her body, what to do at certain stages and what to avoid as she witnesses these different stages of young adolescence. A lot of parents either don’t have the time or we just don’t know when to engage our daughters in these sensitive matters or some ignorant parents just think a girl is to learn these differences on her own. Well, you know what they say about letting a child learn anything on their own, they might be learning something else you would rather they didn’t know. Worse still, some irreversible damages may have been encountered will learning elsewhere.

Rather odd as it may be, some women also are not aware of the changes in their body or what’s going on in there at all. The most sensitive woman will know, without going to see a Doctor, whenever there is a change or some changes going on in her body.  Being in sync with your body, as a female, is of utmost importance. Awareness about what to even sync is another big deal. Go back to the basics if you must, Biology is the simplest study of the female anatomy. Teach it to your daughters and let’s spread the consciousness to the female body, changes to expect and how to protect themselves even when you are not with them. Cleanliness and water supply is also very vital to the healthy function of the female composition without which certain reproductive organs may be defected. If you’re ever in doubt of how to teach your young daughter about body awareness, Google some fun ways to teach children about body awareness and respecting boundaries.

Let’s teach and raise our daughters with consciousness, awareness and love so that there can be enough love to fix the world.

2 thoughts on “Teaching body awareness in girls

  1. Good advice and amen to all of it. My girlfriend and I were given a copy of the original Our BodiesOur Selves from the 70’s by a kind female boss. It was so helpful! We had so many questions we were too embarrassed to ask and her mom had passed of breast cancer when she was just 9 years old. Body awareness is power and safety for our girls.

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