That feeling you feel …

That feeling when you first receive your very first love note

And you had to read it over and over

Assimilating slowly and again every word

Wondering, could this be real?

Does he feel these things for me?

If he does, why won’t he show it?

It gets me wondering,

How hard really is it for a man to just be vulnerable with his expressions concerning the woman he loves?

How confusing is it for a woman to understand the unspoken words of a man without assuming wrongly? … More That feeling you feel …

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Elliot’s Lady love

“Elliot is coming in tomorrow”, Page said to me.

“No, he’s not”, I said back to her. I wanted it to be true but it sounded too good to be true, coming from her. She never really liked me, or so I thought. Or maybe she actually didn’t like me because I dated him. As far as she was concerned, he didn’t have material things to offer me like her own boyfriend gives her. But that didn’t matter to me. Elliot loved me and I knew it from every way he cared for me.

If it were to be true that he was coming into town and Lola didn’t tell me, then it was meant to be a surprise and if that is the case, I could then understand why Page would want to ruin it for me by telling me. But it didn’t make a difference. If anything, I got more nervous and anxious and expectant. … More Elliot’s Lady love

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The increasing search for ‘Jewel of inestimable value’

If my passion is to help people be better versions of themselves, bringing to their awareness errors that can be avoided by counselling and awareness, then by all means, I am dedicated to finding what people want and researching solutions to helping them by every means possible.

When I wrote, Jewel of inestimable value, it spontaneously borne from the situations I observed around me at the time. But I see now that the numbers of people who search, probably for a meaning on the internet on a daily basis is increasing and it’s been referred to every now and again. … More The increasing search for ‘Jewel of inestimable value’

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Staying sexy in the midst of a busy schedule

If you ever want an example of a perfect multitasker, look at the life of a woman. Whether or not we want to, we have to do it all – clean the house, take the kids to school, help with homework, make dinner, satisfy the husband, be outstanding at work and make everyone happy. In the midst of this crazy busy schedule, it can be difficult to feel sexy. Many times we feel stressed, overwhelmed, and not well appreciated which leaves us feeling anything but sexy.

A friend was asking me recently how I find a balance juggling it all. To be quite honest, I don’t know but it is important to realize that feeling and looking good comes from the inside out then it doesn’t become another chore. You must first feel good with yourself on the inside and then it radiates on the outside. So, here are some quick and easy ways to shift your way of thinking and get your sexy back. … More Staying sexy in the midst of a busy schedule

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The role of friendship in marriage

Hi people!

It’s another month. Happy new month. February was the month of love and it felt every inch like love was in the air.

Now for singles who had so much love in February that you want to take your relationship to another level, there are certain things to note before you say ‘I do”. I have various posts on things to note before marriage and the list in not exhaustive actually. As long as you feel uncomfortable about anything, please talk about it.

People often say love makes the world go round. I believe 100% that is true. However in marriage, while love is a good foundation for a union, it’s often not enough in most cases. You need a couple of elements to keep your relationship happily together forever even after the love might not be as strong anymore. One most important element is friendship. … More The role of friendship in marriage

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