Family abuse and domestic violence

family abuse

The girl child problem starts from the home like every issue that was neglected or not properly addressed. And this continues as she interacts with the general society if not helped. There are ordinarily more concerns in having a girl child. There are a lot of things you should be careful about and even fearful for. I’m not trying to scare anyone but it’s about the flimsiness of the anatomy of the girl that makes everything about her different, special. It wasn’t until about early 20s that the girl child was accepted largely in the Nigerian society. Before then and still in some parts of Nigeria, especially in the North and East, parents feel more blessed and fulfilled to have a son. A girl child is born and socialized into the belief of being inferior or sub human with attendant marginalization and abuse. She is often held responsible and punished for any misfortune of her parents. At the backdrop of situations like, not only is the psychology of that child been tampered with but it gets worse by her interactions and expectations from the world around her.

Physical, verbal and other related abuses are common practices against girl children. These acts affect the psycho-social and educational performance of young learner, especially, the girl child. Because of the emotional wiring of a girl, she most likely believes anything that goes wrong around her went wrong because of her. It takes a loving family who are in sync with each other to be able to detect when these sort of feelings begin to propagate their daughter and be quick to correct it or get help. You don’t want to be left with the consequences of a physiologically disturbed daughter. They start by being overly reserved and if you’re not attentive, you just think they are quiet. If you care to get to the bottom of it, there might be something about it that needs urgent and utmost attention. Then they look for companionship, attention and a sense of belonging is peculiar places. For the feminine gender, especially the young girl child, finding these things are not subject to what is right or morale. After all, everyone just really wants to be loved.

“Result from witnessing domestic violence in a home where one of their parents are abusing the other parent, plays a tremendous role on the well-being and developmental growth of children witnessing the violence. Children who witness domestic violence in the home often believe that they are to blame, live in a constant state of fear and are 15 times more likely to be victims of child abuse. Close observation during an interaction can alert providers to the need for further investigation and intervention, such as dysfunctions in the physicalbehavioralemotional, and social areas of life, and can aid in early intervention and assistance for child victims.”

Child abuse is another big issue and topic of its own but it is unfortunate that the issues from the home can be resulting into something so grave in the development of the child. From the unfolding events in the world, in the case of child abuse, the girl child is worse at the receiving end. Whether a young boy or grown man, man is man and while they are from Mars, women are from Venus. Emotions, character, psychology, anatomy and everything is different. The way a boy child deals or handles with violence is totally different from the girl. Being in a place of timidity and regression can be a deathly place to be where nothing is no longer interesting. This sort of emotions are way too big to be embodied in any child at all.

Creating a loving and encouraging atmosphere is just what children need and they can only give what they have anyway. So leave your issues aside and consciously create that environment, your dream environment perfect to raise healthy children in so perchance you are unable to fulfil that dream, your children can actualize your dream and make your proud. Very few people are blessed with the strength to overcome childhood horrors, most just can’t help themselves. Don’t assume that your issues and your lifestyle is totally yours to decide. More sensitive is a girl child who’s watching and learning and taking notes of what you’re teaching her directly or indirectly about what life ought to be. Be careful what you what them to learn so that we’re not breeding the next generation of violence and fear into the society.

The family is the smallest, most powerful unit of the society. A woman holds the family together. Let’s teach and raise our daughters with love so that there can be enough love to fix the world.

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