Dating Choices – Mature Women

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We enter into relationships for different reasons. It could be for comfort, for emotional connection, for benefits, for compatibility, for children, for status, etc. For whatever reason we get into a relationship, no one wants it to be for unnecessary drama. Although women tend to come with a lot of these but men will find they are less likely to be faced with this if they get involved with the mature-minded woman. This is perhaps because mature woman are not trying to figure out who they are or how relationships fit into their life or schedule, or what kind of relationships they want in the future. Mature women have most likely figured out all of these and when they set to be in a relationship, the situation is clear and there’s less complication thereafter.

I have a friend who ran a series about why women in their 30’s are still single. She sites very interesting reasons such as negative body language, the company you keep, immaturity and the likes. In most cases, it’s not so much of what you think you deserve, it’s what you’re attracting or not attracting that determines what eventually happens for you. Take for instance a lady who thinks she’s overdue for marriage and she can’t cook neither does she want to make the attempt but when you ask her what she wants in a relationship, she counts patience in her man as a number one factor. No word!

When a man is ready to experience a real relationship that feels good, supportive, and fun, he’s probably looking to date a mature woman who has more things figured out. So if you’re a woman, I’m not saying maturity is something you want to fake because it comes with experience but I strongly suggest you get to know yourself well first before you’re looking to be in a relationship then eventually you lose yourself and you find you don’t even know why you’re in that relationship or what you want from that relationship.

If you’re confused about what being mature in a relationship is, you might want to assess a few of these Dos and Don’ts of a mature woman in a relationship. The list is not exhaustive really but I hope you’re able to get the drift and do away with a lot of things that you do that puts you in a place that make men hurt you or even more realistic, you hurt yourself by the things you let affect you.

  1. Mature women don’t put their partner first – This may sound selfish but everyone is at the end of the day. Admitting this is a trait of a mature women and let’s face it – no one will give you what they don’t have or put others first before you. Mature women understand that they need to take care of themselves first before they can take care of anyone else. They know that taking care of their needs, desires, and wants, helps them feel better about themselves and improves their health and happiness before they can be better for others.
  1. They can handle the truth – Again, when you give others less chance to hurt you then you should give room for some objective reasoning and truth in your relationship. It’ll go a long way to examine the relationship you’re in and you will able to better understand and determine the relationships that are good for you and your happiness in the long run.
  1. Mature women don’t pretend to be someone they’re not – It’s so easy to want to impress a new guy in the first few weeks or months but what’s the point in becoming someone you’re not only for the guy to find out things about you that aren’t true? Lay it all out on the table, of course, finding the right time and place to be yourself and let the rest take care of itself. Whoever that’s meant to be yours will love you just the way you are, regardless.
  1. They don’t deny their sexuality – Women are taught not to be too sexual, otherwise, they will be castigated by society. They are also taught if they are not sexual enough, they will be termed rigid and cold. It can be difficult to find the balance between the both but as a mature woman, you need to understand your body, know yourself and embrace who you are, your sexuality and feminine power. There’s no point trying to be as tough as a man because no man wants a frigid woman anyway yet you need to know when and where to express yourself in ways that you’ll be most appreciated.
  1. Mature women choose not to put up with drama – Drama is simply an unnecessary conflict that doesn’t need to be. As a mature woman, you should realize this fact from your previous relationships or dealings with people. So if you’re not causing drama, there’s no need to put up with one. It’ll only complicate where you want to be in your relationship.
  1. They don’t try to change you – Maturing and understand that everyone is different is a beautiful thing. It helps you allow other people to be who they are, without trying to tell them what they should change and who they should become. As a mature woman, you need to accept that other people are who they are based on their past experiences in life, and you can’t change those people. At least, not overnight. However, it doesn’t mean anything should be allowed in your relationship. If during the course of knowing that person, you don’t agree with that person’s lifestyle, then it may be time to put an end to it instead of patching things based on emotional grounds.
  1. Mature women are not in your face – It’s sad when a woman claims a relationship started at a particular high frequency of calls, dates, hang outs, text messages and all and then all of a sudden events take a different turn. Oh well, if that’s happening, too bad. It’s always doesn’t mean you’ve done or said something wrong. You just have to understand that men can sometimes be confused or be a good player. As a mature woman, it would be demeaning of you to be all up in the other person’s face just because you want to get them to be with you or notice you or because you want to convince them that they should be with you. Every grown individual knows what they want. They either want to be with you or not and as a mature woman, you need to know when to let go.

4 thoughts on “Dating Choices – Mature Women

      1. 1. They just wanna be single like they have had it with men🙅
        2. They are career minded. Scaling up their ambitions with no lovey dovey interruptions makes them stronger💪
        3. They are still exploring men to find one good for them 🙏

      2. Very valid points too. I have friends whom we graduated Uni together who are still single and they’re not wearing that disturbing concern. They are doing well in their career and are more willing to relocate for better career choices and growth.
        So yes, of course if you’re in the category of bothering about such things as marriage and family, then I suppose my friend sort of addresses some of the challenges you might need to be careful for. But if it’s not a paramount issue, then taking your time can’t be overemphasized.
        Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

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