Body language – Holding hands

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Most interview guide books or articles emphasize the importance of maintaining eye contact with the interviewer during an interview session. Then of course, if there is ever a need to shake hands, be firm so your handshake can tell of your stern professionalism. In essence, eye contact and handshake are usually the first body language communication you can make with anyone. That’s why this portrays a form of fondness in man to woman relationship.

To hold hands with our loved one is the advanced form of body language, more like one of the very first things you experience when a relationship is brewing. That feeling of wanting to be closer, the experience a deeper feeling and share more with that special someone more than anyone else. It signifies more familiar fondness, rapport, respect, concern, trust and perhaps romantic feelings.

Ah! Yes, that feeling you feel when someone you tend to like slightly (seemingly accidentally) touches you. The rush of emotions, almost like sugar rush, that gushes through your senses are so vivid, so awakening and you are just suddenly sure you want to be with that person, that’s one of the obvious meanings of hand holding in man and woman relationship. But when the relationship becomes more familiar, more intimate and you still find you want to hold hands with that special someone, then it may signify an exertion of ownership, of appreciation to be the chosen one. It signifies the rejuvenating element of your love and affection for that special someone because you’re not always guaranteed even having sex with someone that you’ll want to hold their hand in public. Holding someone’s hand is a sign of wanting to be close to your partner in a nonsexual way.

If you must know though, holding hands

  • releasesOxytocin- an hormone that cements long term relationship and raises the amount of affection in a couple.
  • reassures by reducing stress hormones.
  • sends a message of declaration of devotionto each other.
  • encourages great rapport in couples.

If I may, I want to identify types of hand holding in a romantic relationship and their meaning.

  1. Interlocking fingers – it’s more physically and emotionally bonding than simply walking hand in hand.
  2. Fiddling fingers – it’s more like a test of interest to check if the other person wants to be intimate with you.
  3. Placing hand in hand – when a man puts out his hand and just expects you to put yours in it, he’s sort of saying ‘come to me’.

Body languages are very interesting to observe if you’re mindful of it. You can understand a lot without actual words. Next time you’re with someone, try to be observant about what their body is saying. Little wonder some men get confused when women say no but their body is saying yes. It’s not a show of strength or denial on the part of the woman. It’s just that the body can’t lie.

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