When love is for show, you’re bound to lose the essence of it all


I don’t know if this has always been the trend with Nigerian women or perhaps, it’s all part of the fallout from craving fame so bad, even social media seems like heaven’s gate to your life’s dreams. But think again. You can either be getting it right or getting it very wrong.

Getting it right would be when you have something of worth to sell to your audience, readers or fans. Take Titithedynamite for instance. Look her up and understand what I’m talking about.

But on the other hand, when your marriage or relationship has become the only highlight in your life and you’ve put it all out there, well coated to tell the perfect fairy tale, who are you deceiving really? You want people to notice your over rated perfect life and yes, we’re looking. People are looking but what does that do for you? It puts you in a place of pressure and constantly feeling the need to satisfy your fans.

Halt! We all strive for perfection, as individuals and as better halves but we all have our down times. No situation is permanent and none is perfect. In the meantime, don’t put up appearances that isn’t sustainable. Better yet, don’t put up appearances that aren’t real. Yoruba people have a saying that translates, “when your yam is done, you protect it and eat it quietly”. In this context, I’d say, when you have it all good and rosy, keep it under wraps. If it’s good for you, all well and good but don’t come to social media and mislead your fans. People look up to you. When they later realize your life isn’t the pretty picture you’ve been painting, how do you think that makes them feel? For those aspiring to be like you, you’ve shattered their hope/dream. For those that never liked you anyway, you just made their day.

Seriously women/wives – you need to get it together. I’m not judging anyone but when your marriage has been at the forefront more than you need it to be, this is where it leaves you – a messy topic for all to discuss. You’re first and foremost a home maker before a socialite. Comport yourselves as such.

2 thoughts on “When love is for show, you’re bound to lose the essence of it all

  1. Again and again it bothers me greatly why the assumed show of pride, show of unrealistic standards, show of assumed intimidation all turned show of shame rather than show of fame.
    Love is a natural endowment that doesn’t warrant an input from any sense but has a natural tendency of positively influencing itself by replicating the essence of its reality.
    Love is like; don’t show me the way I know my path to stardom, simply, you don’t have to show off, you don’t have to pronounce it loud yourself, definitely you can’t speak for it.
    Basically, an individual tend to hurt him/herself by the display of unnecessary publicity, it will only turn around to hunt and hurt.
    Essentially, why not keep it cool and allow true love display its efficacy, I know of celebrity who took the path of the aforementioned and today are licking the dust of shame, also, I’m aware of celebrities who imbibed the later mentioned and they’re still together with there spouse enjoying a blissful marriage after so many years still.
    Love, Love, Love I meant to be the purest invaluable gift granted mankind, allow it direct your path.

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