Sexuality & Relationships

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In my previous article, I explored the awareness of flirting and why we do it occasionally for different reasons. Ever since that awareness, I hope it’s given you more in control to use this ability to your advantage and in some way. It sort of brings to mind the consciousness of the role of sexuality in relationships.

We can define sexuality in the basic way but I find that sexuality is a power within that steers our will to influence further than we would ordinarily not do. Like I mentioned in a previous article, sexuality is a consciousness to exert your consciousness first to yourself in the midst of distractions and of course, it also has the potential to be a positive force that deepens intimate connections.

In a relationship, sexuality plays a huge role. Can you imagine a situation where a couple play together, cuddle and love each other but when it comes to sharing intimacy, they just are incompatible? Yes, it happens. In this case, how do the couple truly appreciate each other and explore the depth of beauty and love they have to offer when they can’t even experience it with the one they love? For some couples, being responsible and available is all that is required for them to function optimally. Exploring depth of sexuality is not required. For others, they can’t truly appreciate their relationship or feelings for each other until that intimacy is constantly felt. For either class of these couple, it doesn’t mean that one loves more than the other. You just need to understand each other to better appreciate each other.

The presence of sexuality in your relationship definitely enhances the spontaneity of your relationship. Even the most hectic work can be a routine in the sense that you know you’re in for a busy schedule all day or even week. And life can be a cycle, taking care of others more than yourself. So I’m sure you will appreciate some spontaneous gestures borne of shared intimacy in your relationship rather frequently. If for no reason at all, some level of excitement is good for your health. So don’t shut your spouse down just because you’re not in the mood all the time. If you give them a chance, you might find that they’ll ease you into the mood with little or no help at all. You just have to drop every other thing where they belong and let your spouse appreciate where they belong in your life too. 😉

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