Elliot’s Lady love

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“Elliot is coming in tomorrow”, Page said to me.

“No, he’s not”, I said back to her. I wanted it to be true but it sounded too good to be true, coming from her. She never really liked me, or so I thought. Or maybe she actually didn’t like me because I dated him. As far as she was concerned, he didn’t have material things to offer me like her own boyfriend gives her. But that didn’t matter to me. Elliot loved me and I knew it from every way he cared for me.

If it were to be true that he was coming into town and Lola didn’t tell me, then it was meant to be a surprise and if that is the case, I could then understand why Page would want to ruin it for me by telling me. But it didn’t make a difference. If anything, I got more nervous and anxious and expectant.

“Where are you?” Lola asked when she called me over the phone the next day. Because I thought Page might be telling the truth, I sat in my room all day that day. I didn’t want to be out when Elliot comes in.

“I’m in the room”, I answered, trying to keep myself under control.

“Come out to the canteen area”, she said.

I went to her without question but not before I looked myself in the mirror, powdered my nose and applied lip gloss.

As I walked across the plain to the canteen, I saw Lola from afar. I saw Desmond too and there was a third tall figure behind Lola. I knew it was Elliot but I wanted to keep the surprise on my face when I finally come face to face with him. My legs wobbled as I walked closer and I struggled to imagine what I would do when I come face to face with him. In that moment, I realized whether I acted surprised or not, one thing was certain. The thrill and excitement to see him was sure. I only wanted to be in his arms.

Elliot’s figure became clearer as I moved closer. I couldn’t help the shy smile on my face. He smiled back at me, he never looked more beautiful – my Cuteface. He looked like the boy I fell in love with in his bogus Timberlands and baggy jeans.

“Hi”, I said to him, still smiling.

He took my hand and gently pulled me close to him in a tight embrace. I had always been shy to express emotions with him in the presence of his sister. His brother was more receptive of our public expressions towards each other but Lola thought I wasn’t been lady enough to keep these things behind closed doors.

“When did you get in?” I asked.

“Just now. Coming straight from the airport”, he said.

I smiled. I was happy that he couldn’t be away from me anymore than I missed him all those months. Because it wasn’t time to entertain male visitors in the female hostel, we all stayed outside and chatted. Elliot didn’t let go of me. I wanted to be in his arms like that forever.

When it was time for him to go, he said, “Come with me”. He didn’t have to ask. He just said it and I immediately smiled.

“Can we go?” I asked Lola.

“Don’t you miss him? Of course, we can go”, she said. Lola was always like to big bully sister who gave me guts to stand up for myself.


“Here, I got this made for you”, I said to Elliot when we got to his place.

He took it from me and unwrapped it carefully while I watched. I was nervous. I was shy of being with him when he reads the poem I wrote behind the huge frame. As he sat on his bed unwrapping the frame, I made to leave the room. I didn’t want to see his face when he looks at me with such devouring passion in his eyes. It makes me weak in my knees and makes my belly rumble. But he caught my hand before I could turn away from him. I looked at him and he was looking at the frame.

“It’s beautiful”, he said. “I love it. Thank you”.

I smiled. “I’m glad you like it”, I said then I left him in his room.

Urgh! For the love of me, I wanted to stay. I wanted to let his eyes undo me and his kiss intoxicate me and his hands do all the things that I dreamed of for the past few months but for whatever reason, I chose to play the shy Lady. It only made me yearn more, I knew the night would be full of heated passion, soft moans and exhausting climaxes. Although I thought I wanted him more, his desire for me was beyond my want – always.

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