That feeling you feel …

That feeling when you first receive your very first love note

And you had to read it over and over

Assimilating slowly and again every word

Wondering, could this be real?

Does he feel these things for me?

If he does, why won’t he show it?

It gets me wondering,

How hard really is it for a man to just be vulnerable with his expressions concerning the woman he loves?

How confusing is it for a woman to understand the unspoken words of a man without assuming wrongly? … More That feeling you feel …

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Elliot’s Lady love

“Elliot is coming in tomorrow”, Page said to me.

“No, he’s not”, I said back to her. I wanted it to be true but it sounded too good to be true, coming from her. She never really liked me, or so I thought. Or maybe she actually didn’t like me because I dated him. As far as she was concerned, he didn’t have material things to offer me like her own boyfriend gives her. But that didn’t matter to me. Elliot loved me and I knew it from every way he cared for me.

If it were to be true that he was coming into town and Lola didn’t tell me, then it was meant to be a surprise and if that is the case, I could then understand why Page would want to ruin it for me by telling me. But it didn’t make a difference. If anything, I got more nervous and anxious and expectant. … More Elliot’s Lady love

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