Familiar Stranger: Series 10


As Desire sat at her desk, working on some reports, she receives a message on her phone. It was him. She reads it. It was sudden. She had to read it over and over. She didn’t send a response. Time passed and she let it slide with the time.

Then he called her later and said, “I dropped you a message. Check it”.

She could have said to him, ‘I know, I read it already’ but because she hadn’t quite digested his message, let alone come up with the right response, she simply said “Ok”.

So on her drive home, she called him. “Can you talk?”

“Yes, I can talk now”.

“I read your message. It got me confused. Did I do something or say something to make you say such things to me? I didn’t intend that from the beginning, you must know.”

He almost giggled or was that a snort when he said, “Nooo. It’s just the way I feel about you. I wanted to express myself and let you know what’s in my heart. It’s not what you said or what you did. It’s just who you are”.

Desire was scared. Of course, he hadn’t professed love to her in his message but know she knows how sensitive he is towards her and it made her uncomfortable.

“I appreciate the kind words, really. I appreciate the way you feel but I can’t reciprocate the feeling”.

“I appreciate your honesty and understand your concerns. I really do like you and I see how you fight yourself to be civil around me but if you won’t admit it, I won’t push you any further”.

“Thanks. We’re perfect the way we are – as friends”, she was heartbroken but she couldn’t take the chance. There was no cause for cheating on her husband. If she wouldn’t have time for her family, where would she get the time for an affair, she thought. She only had to make the time.

“Yes, I suppose you’re right”, he agreed even more heartbroken. “I can be your familiar stranger once again”, he tried to joke.

“If it makes you comfortable”.


If you’ve enjoyed the series, be kind to leave a comment, suggestion, feedback, criticism. Anything to point me in the right direction really.

5 thoughts on “Familiar Stranger: Series 10

  1. I’m not usually into the “romance novels”, but it was a very interesting…it really did keep my suspense. 🙂 My only suggestion would be to make the dialog more clear on who’s talking with every quote, but a good read 🙂

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