Familiar Stranger: Series 7


I’m married with kids – a boy and a girl. 3 year old twins”.

“How long have you been married?” Desire’s attention was awakened.

“Twelve years this year”.

Desire was going to do some mental calculation in her head when he cut through her thoughts. “So what’s your favorite music collection of all time?” he asked.

“Err – I haven’t quite figured it out but I actually do like Frank Sinatra”, she smiled then continued. “Nat King Cole, Elvis Presley and Dean Martins. I love some from the contemporary list too”, she said, still smiling.

Tunji studied her body language as she spoke about music. He realized it brought out a side to her he’d never seen before. She was always so edgy about almost everything but the two things he’d noticed made her smile – her children and music. He smiled at the realization of this new familiarity about her. He loved that she was simple yet exotic and impressionably giving away.

“Beautiful”, he snapped her out of her growing fantasy. She wiped the smile off her face and adjusted in her sit. “I used to be impressionable too way back in school but it had to die a natural death. The inspiration wasn’t so inspiring anymore”.

“Your girlfriend?”

“Well, she wasn’t technically my girlfriend but I liked her a lot. The feeling wasn’t mutual”. Desire said nothing. She sipped on her coffee quietly instead. “Were you ever in love in school?”

Desire choked on her coffee.

“Are you ok? Did I say something wrong?” he wondered, attempting to help pat her back.

“I’m fine. Please sit”.

“Was it something I said?”

Desire smiled. “I was – in love back in school”, she said.

“Is he your husband?”


“So what happened to him?”

“We just sort of grew apart, I guess”, she said obviously thinking of something. She wouldn’t stop smiling. Then she quickly brought herself to reality. “But that’s a really long time ago. I’m happy with where I am in my life right now. I couldn’t have asked for a more supportive husband”, she spoke quickly.

Tunji smiled. Desire looked at her watch.

“I have another meeting starting soon too. We should do this more often. I could be doing you more good than harm if you allow it”, he winked.

Desire flushed. He smiled.

She stands to leave. He gets up after her. They walk to her car. It was a time well spent, Desire thought.

Later than night, Desire kept turning in her bed. She couldn’t stop going over her date with Tunji. He’d awakened some passive fantasies which made her relive her love life from university and she could only imagine having something as similar with him.

“What’s wrong with you?” her sub-consciousness asked her. She had no idea why she was thinking of him in the manner that she was. She couldn’t help herself. She tried breathing in and out. Perhaps, it would help her sleep but a song came to her mind – Speechless.

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