How much of truth is in exaggeration really?


I read in an article recently that women exaggerate a lot about matters and make a mountain out of a molehill. It’s kind of interesting really.

I know women can be dramatic and vulnerable, needing attention and commanding recognition so when they want something or expect something in a certain way and they don’t get it, they tend to interpret it however it suits them in most cases. Even my 4year old does this attention seeking drama all the time. She just wants to be heard and adored and loved.

So if it’s in the nature of women to exaggerate, it not only means that they can exaggerate the bad situations but women exaggerate even littlest of good times as well. They want to either paint the best scenario of a situation or play the pity party to get attention.

But what is exaggeration anyway? The Oxford English Dictionary defines it as to “represent something as being larger, better, or worse than it really is”.

Now what is truth? The Oxford English Dictionary also defines it as “that which is true or in accordance with fact or reality”.

Now if there is an element of fact or reality in magnifying a situation, be it good or bad, shouldn’t we also consider that there is some truth in exaggeration?

Just saying!

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