Familiar Stranger: Series 1


Life was usual, easy, and full of more ups and downs. It was nothing unusual for Desire and she often felt grateful for it. But for the few times when she let her fantasies get the better of her.

It all started one unassuming morning. Desire prayed for a miracle before she set out that morning. Her life had been a routine for so long, she needed some spontaneity in it. A good kind of surprise.

Desire works for a small company which is just setting foot into the oil and gas industry. The board had to put together the perfect team to lead the company into the fore front of the industry under a time frame. So a group of intelligent minds needs to be on board the transition stage. To this end, a few new hands need to be employed to bring the company’s desire all to reality. Because Desire is in the Business Development unit in HR, she is also called to be a panelist in the recruitment and selection of the expected team to drive the new vision.

As she meets the candidate, one after the other, she and the rest of the panel find no one experienced enough for the role of company secretary who will be the face of the company, more or less. Until Tunji walks in. Desire adjusts herself in her seat when he walked in. He is different from any of the other candidates.

Tunji is tall, dark, real dark with a clean shaved mustache and nicely cut beard. His complexion is like of a dark creamy caramel. His eyes snow white which pierced through this dark long lashes. He almost looks like a character from one of the many Mills & Boons romantic novels that Desire reads in her spare time, only that he is Nigerian and not European. He dressed as clean as he looks and Desire imagined he would be perfect for the job. To win the heart of the public, at least, she thought. Then she imagines working with such a gentleman. Suddenly she wonders why she is thinking so unprofessionally of him. She looks at him again and catches his eyes. She looks away as she says, “Please sit”.

He smiles. “Thank you”.

He reminded her of someone but she couldn’t remember who.

“Tunji Babatope,” one of the other panelist calls.

“Yes, that’s me”, Tunji answers, looking at the other woman.

The panelists are two women in Human Resources and the man from Legal department.

“Tell us about yourself”, the man from Legal instructs.

Tunji speaks professionally, firmly and straight to the point. He’s obviously been in the Legal department for so long. He will be fit to represent the company, especially because the company is just starting up. They need vibrant young folks with resound experience to drive their mission. The other two panelists asks all the questions, Desire only observes.

When they were done with the rounds of questions, the other lady asked, “Do you have any questions for him?”

“No, no questions. You covered all the questions already”, she replies. “We’ll be in touch”, Desire turns to Tunji.

“Thank you”, he says and leaves the room but not until he gives her one sly look underneath both long lashes.

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