The significance of hello!


Hello people!

Hope you’ve had an engaging Monday.

Have you taken time to wonder how less engaging the world is becoming and we’re actually more interested in the people miles away from us just because they are available on our smart phones?

It’s so amazing how we easily loose ourselves in this world of smart phones and social media. We actually miss the chance of the great relationships in front of us while chasing the make believe life on social media.

How amazing would it be if you put down your phone for a second and really appreciate people as they are and not as snapchat portrays them?

How amazing would it be to put down your phone in bed and really have a conversation with your partner and grow your quality time?

How amazing would it be to leave your phone in your drawer when you go for that meeting and have a conversation instead with those in the room with you? You’d be amazed what you might get to know about the ‘ghost’ colleague in your office.

Have you ever crushed on someone so much but felt unworthy to be with them? Can you imagine the person walking up to you and saying “hello”?

Have you ever had that anonymous call but when you heard that “hello” from the other side, your heart melted?

As simple as the word is, it’s so remarkably engaging. It’s the first step in the right direction in most cases. It depicts meeting, engagement, togetherness, new beginnings basically.

We can find various scenarios to appreciate the word “hello”. You should take advantage of it; you’d be amazed what you might learn.

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