My Saturday morning Deja-vu


Hi people!

How did your weekend go? Or how’s it still going for my readers across different time zones?

Mine was quite eventful, thanks for asking. 🙂

So it started on Saturday with this event I thought was some sort of women empowerment program. I don’t want to bore you with my experience at the event but something caught my eye right from the beginning of it. The choice of venue was what I would call interesting.

I’ve never been to the eastern part of Nigeria but for the weirdest reason, I actually felt like I was there that Saturday morning. I couldn’t resist taking some pictures. I felt like I was at some rural area in the east.


Not only was the scenario of the sort that could have been in the east but the feeling, the actual thought of living in a remote village shook me. What if I never knew civilization and all I did was go to the river every morning to fetch water from the stream for my mother? Or go with my mother in the evenings to fetch firewood for cooking from the farm? Or blow out my eyes from the firewood flames trying to make dinner for my 5 brothers?

I shudder.

The very thought of it – being locked in a world like that and never knowing there is more – made me feel claustrophobic. It sent me on a deja-vu experience I had never been before. But it was refreshing having to picture the other side of life. It made me appreciate my life as it is compared to the possibilities that presented itself showed me on Saturday morning.

Have you had such daunting experiences before? Please share.

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