Even the very thought of this is soothing – fantasy.

Fantasy usually arises as a product of the imagination, particularly one that is exaggerated. Perhaps something you only dream of doing but are not quite confident of most of the time. An example would be daydreaming to have sex on the beach and I’m not even talking about the cocktail drink.

So you may want to ask, how realistic is a fantasy?

Creating your fantasy world means building a world which is first based upon reality and making sure that you know and play by the rules of that world to be able to achieve what you have conceived in your mind.

J.R.R. Tolkien, for instance, begins his Lord of the Rings series with The Hobbit. This is one of my all-time favorite movies. He creates a world so real that it has become a classic upon which so many others are based.

Fantasy in itself has become an idyllic median where we like to escape to or dwell in. It can be in different genres across various contexts.

When life gets too real and tough, a place of fantasy either with music or movie or a book or football, is a good place for a healthy relief. Some of the healthy benefits of fantasizing includes:

It gets you in a place for new ideas, experimenting new and interesting things

It gets you started mentally even before you are able to take off.

For the benefit of a better and more intimate relationship.

It gets you closer to where you want to be

The best part is fantasizing has no limits.

Fantasy play can promote social skills

I have had lots of fantasies growing up, helpful ones that brought out different sides to me I never knew was there. It’s helped me amazing ways. I still have them, maybe not as much but I’m fighting to keep my fantasies alive.

What are some of your fantasies?

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