What’s the implication if a younger sibling marrying before the older?


Personally? I don’t understand what the deal is about younger siblings marrying before their older ones. At least, that was what I thought before I was married. I might have felt differently if it actually happened to me and I had to wait years after to be married especially if I haven’t been lucky enough to be in a relationship.

I remember my sister telling me her boyfriend proposed to her but she wanted to be sure it was ok with me before she agreed to be married. My first impression was, why would I mind? If he’s ready and you’re in love, what could be more important?

But this is Africa. In a culture like ours, matters like this are quite sensitive. It is mostly judged by society not necessarily because we are convinced that it is wrong for a younger sibling to be married before the older.

Sibling or not, younger or older, we were all born differently and with different paths, purposes and life’s journey. If it is in a younger siblings’ destiny to be married at all and not in an older sibling, does that imply that the younger sibling will never be married just because the older chooses not to be? Or perhaps, the older sibling hasn’t been as fortunate? Would it be fair to hold or delay someone’s happiness, joy and love for the purpose of “tradition” or “culture” or what society would say about it?

What do you think?

One thought on “What’s the implication if a younger sibling marrying before the older?

  1. I absolutely don’t see anything wrong with that. I’m single…My younger sister got married 5 years ago..She’s happy, I’m happy, everyone is happy with her and themselves…Life goes on💞

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