The effect of “Whatever!” in a relationship

Very interesting but very annoying that a mere word, so randomly used, can be so hurtful when spoken in a relationship.

I remember the first time I was told “whatever”. I used to be so naïve, so innocent I didn’t understand inferences and I would struggle so much to explain myself. But maybe because I wasn’t out to win a fight or be so defensive towards my partner, I always sucked at explaining myself. I was always judged to be in the wrong. So you can imagine how much of a slap in the face I got when after trying so hard and all I got was – whatever, never mind.

Surprise plus shock but slap in the face plus tears in my eyes.

Communication is one of the most complicated skills you don’t get taught at institutions. Whether verbal words, non-verbal or just by the tone of your voice, there are definitely a lot to be mindful of when choosing your words during a conversation, especially as it begins to heat up. Whichever way your conversation is heading, there are just some things you don’t say in a relationship if that relationship actually does matter to you. Words like: … More The effect of “Whatever!” in a relationship

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