Sustaining the woman’s vision


I am proud to be a woman, not because I am a wife or a mother. I am proud to be a woman because just like man, I am educated, I have dreams, aspirations, hopes and I get to do these things that men do while being a wife and a mother.

I thought my 8 – 5 job was hectic until I stayed a few days on leave at home doing my ‘primary assignment’. Seriously, that’s more than my 8 – 5 job. The home is demanding and there’s no relief from it.

Now imagine that this is all a woman gets to do, be a wife and a mother. Is she working? Definitely. Is she being paid for it? In most cases, no not physical cash and when the payments come, they don’t come immediately. Building a home is an investment. Only in this case can I truly attest that the patient dog eats the fattest bone and that too is by God’s mercies.

Being a full time mom is exhausting and draining. It not only drains you physically, it zaps your creativity, innovation, professionalism, trendiness and those things you are not disposed to while being at home and with children most of your time.

Being a working mom isn’t any easier either. While you have bosses at the offices demanding reports and deadlines, you also have the home-front to put under control and one is totally independent of the other. However, it is a myth that women with successful careers are not always so lucky in their personal lives.

Either way, being a woman can be tough. Let’s not also forget that to whom much is given, much is also expected. How then do we, as women, encourage one another to sustain the dreams and aspirations we had when we went to school as young girls? How do we engage and occupy to make our families proud of us? How do we exhibit the traits of a virtuous woman especially as it pertains to being productive and a financial partner?

One of the places I have worked is a non-governmental organization which focuses on entrepreneurial training, mentoring and growing talents. This is one place where you are sure to find motivation and adequate mentoring that not only helps to keep your vision alive but goes as far as helps you realize your dreams.

As a woman, I encourage us to seek out organizations to help you sustain your ideas and realize your dreams. I encourage you to seek out individuals alike who are made in industries where you are aiming to be established. I encourage you to take time out of no time to do something extraordinary that will make that longtime dream and aspiration a reality. It’s awesome to be a mom, it’s a specialty to be a wife, trust me, but it is remarkably satisfying and empowering to be an accomplished woman.

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