Live for this moment!


Are you like me constantly thinking, planning or worrying about the future and what it has in store? Do you think about your financial situation and if there will be enough money to live a decent life? Do you sometimes worry that you will be alone and unhappy? You are not alone.

These are only a few of the many questions that flood our minds daily and for which we have no answers. We have chosen to live our lives in fear. We have chosen to hold ourselves captive by the fear of the unknown.

It is fine to feel fear as it is a natural emotion, but fear was never meant to keep us from going after our dreams. Fear should be your motivator, not your downfall. Most of us are being held in bondage by fear. We have even began to loose or appreciate what you have for fear of what we are not able to help.

I could begin to list out 5 things or 10 or even 20 things you can practice to get rid of your life of fear but some of us are not wired that way. We don’t believe in conventions or plans or therapy. Some people are just revolutionist and set in their ways, believing that a breakthrough from fear is not resolved from a practice or therapy but of a sudden turn of events. Yes, perhaps a sudden turn of events for good may change your frame of mind but does it actually eradicate that fearful lifestyle? Does it take away our anxieties? Maybe. Temporarily.

Maybe temporarily because until you are comfortable with yourself, your fears, your sadness, your good times and bad times, you may just end up chasing the wind even after that breakthrough comes.

But however you are wired, you need to let go of the things you can’t help and enjoy the things that are before you while devoting yourself into working out the things you genuinely hope to change.

It’s not enough to lay around and wallow in self-pity. Life doesn’t care for such emotions. I tell that even to my children. You get up and pick up yourself and be determined and resolute in whatever you want to do as long as you are full aware of the consequences and are comfortable with them as well.

Yes, everyone is allowed to sulk but do so in the privacy of your room. No one needs to see that because no one can help you be who you want to be but you and most importantly, there’s no need blaming others for what you “coulda” been but not. The more you pressed forward in the presence of adversity determines the greater your success story so let you adversities be your motivator. Let you fears drive you to get up every day and make that difference. Let your anxieties drive you to make that mark that keeps you as a reckoning force.

Let go of all your fears and go out and live your life to its fullest. Make the decision today that you will no longer live in fear, but while you are working on achieving your goal you will enjoy life.

If I must though, I will leave these 2 tips with you.

  1. Live in the moment

Do not worry about the future, as your future is every minute you are alive, and if bad things are not happening to you, then they most likely won’t. This moment is all you have and this moment, believe it or not, is your future. You are living in the future as you live minute by minute.

  1. Do not project your misery

When you spend your time worrying and fearing the unknown you are projecting/magnifying your misery that you think you will have then, now. You are torturing yourself prematurely and without reason.

Live in the moment, because this moment is all you have and might be all you will ever have. After all, life is short. Break the rules – forgive quickly, kiss slowly, love truly, laugh uncontrollably and never regret anything that makes you smile.

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