Happy New Year!


Knock knock! Anybody home?

Just checking that you made it into the New Year.

Of course, why wouldn’t you? God is faithful through and through.

So here’s me wishing you a prosperous and brand new year full of more ups than downs, full of more successes and breaking new records than failure, full of more first time milestones than moments of doubt and fear.

You are only as big as you invest your time and passion into making your dreams into a reality, not wallowing in the emotions of the failures from yesterday or the one you’ve already created in your mind for today.

It’s a new year. Go for your dreams and make every day count. Just like you listed out the things you wanted to do in 2016 and you were not able to do some, 2016 will never come back again. The days gone by this year 2017 will also never come back again. What have you done differently that’s deserving of that fantastic life you think you want so badly?

Yes, you only think you want it. You’re not even sure because if you did want it desperately, you’d have started off on a memorable journey by now.

So as you celebrate the New Year, let the excitement set you in the right direction into making 2017 a year of establishment.

Have a beautiful year ahead!

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