The significance of hello!

Hello people!

Hope you’ve had an engaging Monday.

Have you taken time to wonder how less engaging the world is becoming and we’re actually more interested in the people miles away from us just because they are available on our smart phones?

It’s so amazing how we easily loose ourselves in this world of smart phones and social media. We actually miss the chance of the great relationships in front of us while chasing the make believe life on social media.

How amazing would it be if you put down your phone for a second and really appreciate people as they are and not as snapchat portrays them? … More The significance of hello!

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When silence becomes a poem

Sweet nothings we spoke

All from a distance

Perfect in the longing of the wait

If only I could say the same when the distance was broken

But we all had was unrehearsed closeness between strangers


That is what we are

Though close,

Distant is what we long to be yet again

And this is the only time silence is appreciated between two people

When silence becomes our sweet harmony

When silence becomes a poem. … More When silence becomes a poem

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Relationship & Health Connects

Sometimes I want to write on other things besides relationships but every time I try, I realize subjects on relationship is in-exhaustive. As long as we have fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, cousins, grandparents, nieces, nephews, friends and even God, there are no limits to the subjects on relationship.

There are certain things on relationships that I might have conceived in my mind but then again, I don’t want to be overly sensitive about these issues in relationships but when I heard it first hand from a medical doctor that the relationships in our lives actually affect our health, whether good or bad, I reconsidered my careful consideration in the matters of relationships.

So I’m here to discover possible ways in which good or bad relationships actually affect our health. … More Relationship & Health Connects

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My Saturday morning Deja-vu

Hi people!
How did your weekend go? Or how’s it still going for my readers across different time zones?
Mine was quite eventful, thanks for asking. 🙂
So it started on Saturday with this event I thought was some sort of women empowerment program. I don’t want to bore you with my experience at the event but something caught my eye right from the beginning of it. The choice of venue was what I would call interesting.
I’ve never been to the eastern part of Nigeria but for the weirdest reason, I actually felt like I was there that Saturday morning. I couldn’t resist taking some pictures. I felt like I was at some rural area in the east.
Not only was the scenario of the sort that could have been in the east but the feeling, the actual thought of living in a remote village shook me. What if I never knew civilization and all I did was go to the river every morning to fetch water from the stream for my mother? Or go with my mother in the evenings to fetch firewood for cooking from the farm? Or blow out my eyes from the firewood flames trying to make dinner for my 5 brothers?
More My Saturday morning Deja-vu

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A quiet storm

If I tell you now
Will you keep on loving me
If I tell you how I feel
Will you keep bringing out the best in me
You give me, you give me the sweetest taboo

There’s a quiet storm
And it never felt like this before
There’s a quiet storm
That is you
There’s a quiet storm
And it never felt this hot before
Giving me something that’s taboo … More A quiet storm

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Even the very thought of this is soothing – fantasy.

Fantasy usually arises as a product of the imagination, particularly one that is exaggerated. Perhaps something you only dream of doing but are not quite confident of most of the time. An example would be daydreaming to have sex on the beach and I’m not even talking about the cocktail drink.

So you may want to ask, how realistic is a fantasy?

Creating your fantasy world means building a world which is first based upon reality and making sure that you know and play by the rules of that world to be able to achieve what you have conceived in your mind. … More Fantasies

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What’s the implication if a younger sibling marrying before the older?

Personally? I don’t understand what the deal is about younger siblings marrying before their older ones. At least, that was what I thought before I was married. I might have felt differently if it actually happened to me and I had to wait years after to be married especially if I haven’t been lucky enough to be in a relationship.

I remember my sister telling me her boyfriend proposed to her but she wanted to be sure it was ok with me before she agreed to be married. My first impression was, why would I mind? If he’s ready and you’re in love, what could be more important?

But this is Africa. In a culture like ours, matters like this are quite sensitive. It is mostly judged by society not necessarily because we are convinced that it is wrong for a younger sibling to be married before the older. … More What’s the implication if a younger sibling marrying before the older?

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Relationships to let go in the New Year

I was reading on a comment on one of my favorite blogs recently where someone commented on the many sad relationship stories on almost every blog these days. It almost sounded like emotions were taking too much of the commenter’s reads and he wanted to see more of intellectual articles than sad relationship stories. I feel the same way too.

I saw a video recently and it emphasizes how we strive for many accomplishments in life and when we get them, we continue on the rat race all our lives. But we forget the things that keep us most healthy and happy into old age which is good relationships. We may all appreciate strategic communications and meetings which involve little or no emotions but behind the scenes, our outcome is dependent on the relationships in our lives. We get happiness and joy and zeal to excel and confidence to achieve and motivation to strive from the relationships in our lives.

So instead of fighting to do away with emotions all together, why not identify those relationships that tell bad stories in our lives or leave us with negative feelings and focus on those that make you want to live happily ever after and do exploits.

Such relationships as: … More Relationships to let go in the New Year

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The effect of “Whatever!” in a relationship

Very interesting but very annoying that a mere word, so randomly used, can be so hurtful when spoken in a relationship.

I remember the first time I was told “whatever”. I used to be so naïve, so innocent I didn’t understand inferences and I would struggle so much to explain myself. But maybe because I wasn’t out to win a fight or be so defensive towards my partner, I always sucked at explaining myself. I was always judged to be in the wrong. So you can imagine how much of a slap in the face I got when after trying so hard and all I got was – whatever, never mind.

Surprise plus shock but slap in the face plus tears in my eyes.

Communication is one of the most complicated skills you don’t get taught at institutions. Whether verbal words, non-verbal or just by the tone of your voice, there are definitely a lot to be mindful of when choosing your words during a conversation, especially as it begins to heat up. Whichever way your conversation is heading, there are just some things you don’t say in a relationship if that relationship actually does matter to you. Words like: … More The effect of “Whatever!” in a relationship

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