Does a woman really want her man to be charismatic?


Of course, it’s one of the things that attract women to men – charisma; that compelling charm which inspires and compels attraction and devotion in others. It’s a good trait both in men and women, charisma. It’s just like an alluring scent of heavenly freshness, you really can’t not be attracted to it. It’s fun, it’s exciting, it brings lots of laughter and free-spirit wherever it is.

Yes, you’ve gotten your man. One way was because he had that charisma. But do women really appreciate their man exhibiting that charisma with other ladies? True, charismatic people are naturally like that. It’s not rehearsed so if you got attracted to your man because of his pleasant natural essence, then you can’t expect him to change overnight because you’re suddenly in his life.

Women can be possessive, only when they are in love. They can be confusing too, you never understand why they do what they do. Sometimes it’s the sweetest thing you never dreamt would endear their fragile hearts, other times it’s something else you never thought would cross her mind that ticks them off. In any case, women are multipliers – they have a natural talent to multiply whatever you give them. You give them a sperm, they give you a baby, you give them a token, they take care of you, they give them laughter, they give you peace of mind, you give them nothing, you can only imagine what you’ll get in return. All women love a charming man. When a man has a big personality, women find him irresistible. It’s up to the man to decide whom he wants to stick with and build his forever after with.

I don’t think a woman wants her man with any other woman at all, especially because they know the worth of their man. They don’t want anyone else seeing that pleasurable side to him. Now, is that fair? I don’t know.

Ladies, what say you? Do you mind your man being charismatic around other women?

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