12 days of Christmas: 10 Lords a Leaping

All for love,

Even though you don’t dance, you were bent on erasing the bad memories and giving me better ones to live my days.

All for love,

Even though you wouldn’t have bothered, we had to have that dance for the sake of the sweet silent night.

All for love.

And even though you always try to keep your feeling under wraps

I see it clearly

I see it all the time

I see how the heart of my true love leaps in excitement for me.

Always. … More 12 days of Christmas: 10 Lords a Leaping

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Relationship Appraisal

Yeepee! It’s the end of another year. Are you excited? Or maybe not. Did you have resolutions and targets at the beginning of the year? Did you tick them off as you achieved them? Or perhaps you got caught up in a lot of things and you were unable to realize your set goals.

Just as we set goals in our personal lives, we set goals at work or in our businesses as well with our relationships. It only gives us a sense of achievement when we actualize our targets and not just having them on paper. For the benefit of this article, we will be evaluating our relationship goals and appraising ourselves thus.

Why relationship evaluation though? … More Relationship Appraisal

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