My gift to you

I could give you a thousand cattle

Or send you ten thousand oxen

Anything to relieve your wants during this time.

I want to give you the world

And color it in the prettiest of white satin and silk sheets

Only for you to lay in the most peaceful heaven

I think of this day and night

But all I have is my love.

Though it seems enough on the one hand,

More than enough on the other,

I often wonder if it’s enough for you

If it’s truly all you need

Either way, I will not hesitate to give you all that I am

All you need . . . is just ask. … More My gift to you

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12 days of Christmas: 3 French Hens

“Love comes quickly. It never quite announces itself, just sort of comes in through the back door. Twice in my life I’ve been in love. Strong love that each time has brought me to my knees and forced me to surrender my heart whether I wanted to or not.

Love takes so much from you. First, it seduces your innocent hearts. Second, it promises you forever. Third, it takes away your virgin heart. And then it packs up and leaves with a piece of you with it.

The first time I fell in love, it was every girl’s dream.

The second time I fell in love, it was a more grown-up love. It wasn’t perfect but it was no-holds barred.

The third time is the charm. I feel no anxiety, just cared for and thought of, even if I can’t always have in like the 90’s.” … More 12 days of Christmas: 3 French Hens

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