10 things I’ve learnt in 2016


I know we still have a few days to go in 2016 but I was just thinking over how fast the year has been. It might have been the fastest year yet but I wanted to be sure I didn’t miss a thing and more importantly that I took some life lessons off of 2016 to better me in 2017.

Some of the below lessons aren’t exactly peculiar to 2016 but they have been more resounding and practically effective for me this year.

  1. God is faithful through and through. He is not a man that He should lie, neither is He the son of man that he should repent. What He said He will do, He will do. His word will not fall to the ground.
  2. Up until this year, I’ve echoed “I think, therefore I am. God cannot be mistaken for creating me”. But this year, I’ve owned myself – my silly thoughts which I decided aren’t silly after all, my emotions, my dreams, my passion, my failures and most importantly my dreams from days of youth. Validating your own self and accepting yourself for who you are is the very first step to liberation and confidence. Once you feel these things, you can take on the world, not matter who’s trying to look down on you.
  3. Success is 90% consistent and 10% passion. Every successful story starts with a conception, an idea, a dream, passion but only consistency keeps you going even after so many falls. You’ve just got to keep keeping at what you dream and tirelessly working your way through it even when you don’t feel the strength to continue sometimes.
  4. Your life is yours alone to live, no one else takes responsibility for it and so are the decisions you make.
  5. Feeling overwhelmed happens to all. It’s a normal natural experience but readily knowing what gets you out of the situation and recuperate for a better you with better results is what time and money is all about.
  6. The older you get, the more seemingly difficult everything becomes. Do what you can today. Make the best of your time. Enjoy what you can and learn fast along the way. Life is a struggle; no one can guarantee you it will get better. You have to work out your dream life keeping to your mantra and being steadfast.
  7. You can’t get comfortable. We live in a world where there is always someone ready to take your place. At the exact point you think you are doing well, it’s time to make a change and strive for the next level.
  8. Take care of yourself. Taking care of yourself has nothing to do with age or how healthy your family health history is. It’s knowing the amount of energy and strength and passion you put into realizing your dreams or your works and knowing when you need to slow it down and take some rest. In some cases, some basic dietary supplements might be just want you need. It’s only one you, only one life. You don’t want to lose yourself half way or even three-quarters way into achieving your goal.
  9. It’s interesting how everyone fumbles to put their best foot forward. I don’t blame them, I’d do the same. But while you are allowing people exhibit themselves the best way they want, be mindful that no one is perfect. They may not even be what/who they claim to be or can achieve half of what they say they will do. Does that make them less of a person? No. And there’s your answer – they are just human beings like you with hopes and aspirations. They are not God who is perfect in all things.
  1. It’s not over until it is over. There is still time to make a difference or make that move into a better you.

3 thoughts on “10 things I’ve learnt in 2016

  1. Number three got me thinking so hard, took me miles away in the dream world about all sorts, life, everything…I wish at the click of my fingers everything I have ever desired for will just start to appear before me..and I remember that only happens in the cartoons…this is real life, real Hussle and have to be dead patient. They say the patient dogs eat the fattest bones, even dogs aren’t patient anymore and that makes me wonder what’s going on in the world with dreams and passions. Great post dear!

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