When is a talk most appreciated?

Talk is such a big thing. It never used to be before or so I thought until it became a huge emphasis in pre-marital counselling classes, marital counselling classes and in almost everyday activities. It’s called communication.

Communication is so very important in relationships, all types of relationships, not just romantic relationships and it includes both the verbal and nonverbal varieties. A relationship is a connection and exchange between people. Communication plays a large role in the exchange between people. It informs you of ideas, wants, desires, feelings, and much more. Incomplete or stopped communication can create a block in the relationship which doesn’t help any relationship really.

It is interesting though how people easily take advantage or abuse the power or importance communication in a relationship. I mentioned in an earlier post, wondering what amount of talk is too much information and what is really appreciated when spoken. … More When is a talk most appreciated?

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His eyes don’t lie

He’s a man of very few words

I don’t even know how I understand him most of the time

He’s a man of very few words

But his hands touch me often in a way that tells me how much he loves me

He’s a man of very few words

He doesn’t even know what to say to make me feel better

All he needs do is turn his face to me

And I can clearly see the love and hurt and pain and anxiety and want in his eyes

Only for me

That’s how I know his eyes don’t lie

And it’s just because his eyes don’t lie … More His eyes don’t lie

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