I’m not fat, I’m plum



Ok ok ok!

Seriously, weight issue is a big deal not only for women but for men as well. One day you’re up weighing high on the scale, the next few months, you’re low and then before you know it, you’re back on the high side again. It seems so tedious to keep up some times.

Yeah yeah! I hear it’s better to make healthy eating a lifestyle rather than be on a marathon diet. I suppose it only works when it’s a lifestyle really. So I find myself dwindling between where I want to be and where I used to be. When I’m weighing low on the scale, sometimes I feel like I’m too skinny. Other times, I feel too fat.

Suffice to say I like where I am right now in my weight. I’m not fat. I’m not thin. I’m just filled out in the right areas – plum, that’s what I am. What is the right weight anyway? Just enough to fill out in the cheeks and fill out in the bosom area, no where else. That for me is the ideal weight.

What are you?

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