Which relationships are most dear to your heart?


Relationship is a very interesting topic. It is so because relationship itself differs from one person to the other. It may be between family, friends, or sexual partners. Interesting more also because within the confines of each of these level of interactions, the relationship level may vary as well. For instance, I have 5 sisters. I love them all the same but what I share with each person vary per time. This may be due to distance, closeness, availability, vulnerability and so on. For any level of genuine relationship, however, love is an important part often involved in these relationships.

Which relationships are most dear to your heart?

You know, in life, people come and people go but just like family, there are some friends you make along the way who make life and living more bearable. I’m not referring to those relationships you form overnight or those you make for of vain gains or to build your social status. I’m talking of the kind of friends who will tell you the truth no matter whether it hurts, the kind of friends who will stick with you whether you are rich or poor, the friends who will laugh and cry with you, not cry for you while they laugh behind you. Friends who put the forever in Best Friends Forever. Such friendships are characterized by intimacy, trust and a sense of permanence. The contacts between these friends may not be frequent but they are definitely based upon shared experiences and like minds or dreams, especially those you are able to connect with on childhood levels where you find shared vision and dreams.

On days I feel blue and need to blank out of the overwhelming situation, I find I miss my sisters and my friends more. Sometimes I don’t understand if that is a sign that I appreciate the youthful days more but hey, maturity happens and it comes with its own many baggage but the ability to find you still have that one person to talk and laugh with, someone to make you forget all the worries, shows you still have that element that you are dear to someone and vis versa.

There are many relationships that are definitely dear and more meaningful to us than others – family, friends, or sexual partners, which is most dear to your heart?

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